The Burdekin Shire Council pays a bounty on the provision of dingo scalps or dead foxes.

How do I make a claim?

To claim your bounty you must make an appointment with the Pest Management Officer specifying date, time and place.

The Pest Management Officers will only sight scalps and sign claim forms at a pre-arranged time and place.  These Officers are the authorised persons to verify claim forms

  • A Verification checklist is processed by Pest Management Officer with the following requirements:
    • Property/address description verified confirming animals identified as being destroyed within Burdekin Shire.
    • Scalps properly removed from the animal, cleaned, dried and salted prior to submission to Council.
    • Scalps must not be frozen, in more than one piece or display traces of biological fluids.
    • Scalp is single piece of fur, running from snout, including the ears and running from the head, along the animals back and including the tail. and
    • Claim form completed and signed
  • A signed copy of the form will be given to the claimant by the Pest Management Officer once all relevant details are recorded.
  • Pest Management Officer will hand over the original form to the Council’s Environment and Health section for processing.
  • Council staff will record details of the identified property and animals in a database.
  • Claimants may be asked to justify payments if excessive dogs are presented.
  • Claims will be paid within 30 days from lodgement.
  • Claimants are encouraged to lodge electronic funds transfer details with Council.
  • Pest Management Officers are responsible for destroying or marking scalps to prevent re-use.


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