Request for feral pig/dingo baiting

Council undertakes 1080 baiting for control of  wild dogs and feral pigs.  A co-ordinated wild dog baiting programme is held in October/November each year.  Landholders requiring to bait outside of these times should contact Council’s Pest Management Officers on 47 839800.

Council provides a free 1080 baiting service to landholders for the control and eradication of declared animals such as wild dogs and feral pigs year round. For feral pigs landholders provide the bait and feed the animals for a few days so they keep coming back to the baiting site. Once the animals are  feeding on the untreated bait and Biosecurity regulations have been followed,  Council’s Pest Management Officers then treat the bait/s with 1080 poison.  Wild dog baits are injected by Pest Management Officers and placed strategically around the property by the landholder after Biosecurity regulations and bait sizes are followed.

Note: Restrictions apply for accessing 1080 poison. For more information on 1080 regulations and restrictions visit Biosecurity Queensland website.  The Biosecurity Act requires everyone to take all reasonable and practical steps to minimise the risks associated with invasive plants and animals under their control.  This is called a General Biosecurity Obligation (GBO).

For further information or to request a baiting service please contact Customer Service  4783 9800.

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