Pest Management Officers apply an approved biological larvacide to treat mosquito larvae at breeding sites in the Burdekin Shire. Common coastal breeding sites are located at around Alva Beach, Plantation Creek with fresh water breeding sites concentrated around agricultural run off pooling and Council’s town drains. These sites are checked for breeding activity weekly, throughout the year. High tide events around low lying coastal areas, increase the mosquito larvae breeding numbers dramatically. Some of these salt water mosquitoes can fly up to 50km on prevailing winds and will be found in towns not near the tidal zones.

If you are aware of stagnant water lying on either Council land or privately owned land please contact Council so Pest Management Officers can inspect the site and treat the matter accordingly.

Mosquito fogging is no longer carried out. Council does when required, use a backpack mister to apply a mosquito barrier treatment to Council parks and facilities.

 For further information on mosquitoes please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on (07) 4783 9800

mosquito larvae breeding

mosquito larvae breeding


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