Categories 1 – 7 for Restricted matter

Category 1

Includes insects such as Asian honey bees, red imported fire ants, electric ants, certain animal and plant diseases, aquatic diseases and pathogens. This restricted matter must be reported to Biosecurity Queensland within 24 hours of you becoming aware of its presence.

Category 2

Includes certain noxious fish, weeds and pest animals such as alligator gar, hog deer, water mimosa and Koster’s curse. This restricted matter must also be reported to an authorised person within 24 hours of you becoming aware of its presence.

Category 3

Category 3 restricted matter certain noxious fish, weeds, pest animals and insects. Examples of this category of restricted matter are parthenium, prickly pears, chital deer and foxes. You must not supply to another person or release into the environment this category of restricted matter.

Category 4

Includes specific noxious fish, weeds and pest animals such as the feral pig, chital deer and wild dog. You must not move this restricted matter to ensure that it does not spread into other areas of the state.

Category 5

Category 5 restricted matter includes certain noxious fish, weeds, pest animals such as European rabbit, Carp, Mexican feather grass. You must not possess or keep this restricted matter under your control. These pests have a high risk of negatively impacting on the environment.

Category 6

Includes certain invasive animals such as, foxes, rabbits, wild dogs, feral deer and noxious fish such as carp, gambusia and tilapia. You must not feed this category of restricted matter. With the exception of the fish species, feeding for the purpose of preparing for or undertaking a control program is exempted.

Category 7

Category 7 restricted matter includes the noxious fish, climbing perch, gambusia, tilapia carp, weatherloach.  If you have these noxious fish in your possession you must kill the restricted matter and dispose of it by burying the whole carcass (no parts removed) in the ground above the high tide water mark or placing it in a waste disposal receptacle.

Prohibited matter

Prohibited matter is a disease, exotic fish, insect pest, pest animal or a weed that is not found in Queensland.  If you find prohibited matter you must report it immediately to Biosecurity Queensland.

All information and fact sheets are available at Department of Agriculture and Fisheries website.

Further information is also available by contacting Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23

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