A Biosecurity Plan is an integral part of an overall property management plan, which accounts for the management of natural and human resources, finances, production and marketing of that property.

What are Biosecurity Plans ?

A Biosecurity is a plan developed by a landholder with assistance from a Pest Management Officer  for the strategic management of pest plants and animals on the property.

Whether your property is two hectares or 2000 hectares, a Biosecurity Plan will faciliate the planned and coordinated management of pest plants and pest animals on your property.  It will contribute to the profitable and sustainable management of your property.

The development and implementation of a Biosecurity Plan will also help to coordinate pest management activities across property boundaries.

What are the benefits of a Biosecurity Plan?

The benefits in developing and implementing a Biosecurity Plan are:

  • Prioritisation of the management of pests on your property in line with Burdekin Shire Local Government Area Biosecurity Plan;
  • Enables you to prioritise the use of resources to control pests in the most effective manner;
  • Identifies the best time to control pests and the best methods to use for each situation. 

How do I develop a Biosecurity Plan?

If you are interested in developing a Biosecurity plan for your property, please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 4783 9800 and a request will be raised for Council’s Pest Management Officer to contact you to make suitable arrangements.

Note:  The Biosecurity Plan needs to be renewed to access the allocated herbicide under the Herbicide Subsidy Scheme.

Herbicide Subsidy Scheme

Once landholders have developed a Biosecurity Plan they are able to apply for access to Council’s Herbicide Subsidy Scheme.  This scheme provides 40% of the costs of the herbicide chemical to spray the declared weeds that have been identified on the property.  The amount and type of chemical provided depends on what weeds are present and the size of the weed infestation.

The Herbicide Subsidy Scheme is funded via Council’s Environmental Levy.

Contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 07 4783 9800 for further information.

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