Pest species degrade natural ecosystems, impact on agricultural productivity, threaten biodiversity, can impact human health and interfere with recreational activities. It is because of this, that Burdekin Shire Council and key Stakeholders throughout the region take a proactive role in managing pest species throughout the landscape.

To help coordinate pest management activities throughout the region, Burdekin Shire Council has developed the Burdekin Shire Council Biosecurity Plan.  The plan outlines pest management goals and objectives for all key stakeholders and delivers integrated pest management activities across the region.
Burdekin Shire Council is responsible for controlling declared species on public land. Council has a role in coordinating the control and reduction of declared pests across all land tenures in the region. Under the new Queensland Biosecurity Act 2014, all landholders have a General Biosecurity Obligation (GBO). The GBO states that everyone has an obligation to control, reduce and prevent the spread of biosecurity matter which includes pest plants and animals.

If you would like to report a plant or pest in an area you suspect it should not be, please complete the following form and submit to council by post, email or at the customer service centre. Please complete a separate form for each different plant or animal you would like to report.

To assist you with any information on pest species, please contact Customer Service Centre on (07) 4783 9800 to place a Customer request for assistance and information on  current best management practice information.

Fact Sheets

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries – Weed and pest animal fact sheets

Queensland Government Business and Industry Portal


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