Dingo and Fox Bounty

To claim your bounty you must call Customer Service centre on (07) 4783 980 and place a Customer request for  pelt inspection and to process the claim. A Pest Management Officer  will contact the customer, specifying date, time and place to process the claim.  These Officers are the authorised persons to verify claim forms.  A Verification checklist is processed by Pest Management Officer with the following requirements:

  • Property/address description verified confirming animals identified as being destroyed within Burdekin Shire.
  • Scalps properly removed from the animal, cleaned, dried and salted prior to submission to Council.
  • Scalps must not be frozen, in more than one piece or display traces of biological fluids.
  • A pelt is single piece of fur, running from snout, including the ears and running from the head, along the animals back and including the tail. and
  • Claim form completed and signed


Wild Dog Control Assistance Policy

The Burdekin Shire Council will provide a financial support of up to 33% of the cost of the treatment to a maximum of $500 per annum to Burdekin landholders for baiting or trapping of wild dogs  subject to:

  •  The land owner has a registered Property Biosecurity Plan with Council.
  • The treatment is verified by Council’s Pest Management Officer.
  • An invoice for the cost is provided


For further information please contact Customer Service on (07) 4783 9800.

To make a claim call customer service to place a customer request.


Traps and Hog hoppers for feral pigs

Council also has 4 x feral pig traps and 2 x Hog Hoppers available for landholders who are experiencing problems with feral pigs.  Please contact Customer Service on 47 83 9800 to place a Customer request to lend either the pig traps or hog hoppers.


1080 – Sodium Fluoroacetate for feal pigs and wild dogs

Council provides a free 1080 baiting service to landholders for the control and eradication of declared animals such as wild dogs and feral pigs year round. For feral pigs landholders provide the bait and feed the animals for three days so the animal returns to the baiting site. Once the animals are feeding on the untreated bait and Biosecurity regulations have been followed, Council’s Pest Management Officers then treat the bait/s with 1080 poison.  Wild dog baits are injected on the day of distribution by Pest Management Officers and placed strategically around the property by the landholder after Biosecurity regulations and bait sizes are followed.

Please contact Customer Service on  (07) 4783 9800 to place a Customer request for a Pest Management Officer to provide details and set a date for baiting.


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