Herbicide Subsidy

Once landholders have developed a Biosecurity Property Plan they are able to apply for Council’s Herbicide Subsidy Scheme.  This scheme provides 40% of the costs of only certain herbicides to spray declared weeds that have been identified.   The amount and type of chemical provided depends on what weeds are present and the size of the weed infestation up to $4000.00 in total.  Please contact Customer Service on 0747 83 9800 to place a Customer request for the subsidy.


Quick spray units

Council is in possession of two (2) Quick spray units. These units are available to landholders to hire out for a small fee of $32.00.  Bookings are essential.   If you would like to hire Council’s Quick spray unit please contact Customer Service on    (07) 4783 9800 to place a Customer request for the hire of a quick spray unit.


Quick Spray

Quick Spray


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