Forms related to Building services, licenses and permits are available from the Burdekin Shire Council Chambers at 145 Young Street in Ayr, or they can be downloaded and printed. Once completed they should be returned to the Council (with any necessary fees) for processing.

The following forms can be downloaded and printed:

DA Form 2 – Development Application for Building Work only (DO NOT complete Form 1 for building work alone)

DA Form 1 – Development Application for Building Work Combined With Other Assessable Development (need to complete parts 4-6 of DA Form 2).

Owner Builder Permit

QBCC Insurance Notification Form

QLeave Forms

Form 15 – Compliance Certificate for Building Design or Specification (if applicable)

Form 16 – Inspection/Aspect Certificate

Building Line Variation Application Form – Allotments UNDER and OVER 450 m2

Request to Build Over or Near Relevant Infrastructure Application Form






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