The aim of searches available through the Building Department is to provide details of development information on property records that are kept. The following is a list of persons authorised to inspect certain documents held by Council for the purposes of Searching and any enforcement action that is current on the specified property:

  • The Owner – proof of ownership such as Rating Notice;
  • The prospective purchaser will be required to provide written consent from the property owner/s;
  • The Real Estate Agent – upon presentation of a letter of authority from the existing owner/s allowing the Agent to search documents within Council;
  • All other persons -signed letter of authority by existing owner/s.

Unless the search clearly indicates otherwise, Council has undertaken no investigation in relation to the existence of unapproved structures and/or whether buildings or structures on the land comply with any approved plans and/or the Standard Building Regulations. Council does not investigate or make any comment with respect to the finished quality of building work unless it appears unsafe.

Council is required to maintain domestic building records (Class 1 and 10) as listed in the Queensland State Archives Retention and Disposal Schedule

Assistance to purchasers

Council Officers will not be available to interpret any information contained on the file other than the method of recording information.  Advice should be sought in viewing or interpreting any of Council’s records.

It should be noted that Council records also contain approvals by Private Certifiers who are empowered by legislation as an alternate approval authority for Building works. Further information may have to be sought from the relevant Private Certifier engaged to approve and inspect the building works.

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