NBN – Important Information

NBN advises that equipment connected over the NBN access network will not work during a power blackout.

Be prepared for a power blackout

Please be aware that unlike the old network, a fibre broadband network requires power at both ends of the network. Therefore, your phone and internet services will no longer work over the NBN access network during an outage.

Affected equipment

Unexpected outages to your NBN access network connection can occur for many reasons outside of NBN’s control, such as storms, bushfires, car accidents or tree branches falling on to power lines. The equipment you have connected will not work in a power blackout. This includes all types of landline phones (cordless phones as well as the older style unpowered corded phones), Wi-Fi routers and modems.

Preparation is the key

Consider having an alternate form of communication handy (such as a charged mobile phone)

If you have safety-critical equipment, (e.g. a medical alarm, monitored fire alarm or lift emergency phone), speak to your equipment provider about other solutions.

For more information: nbn.com.au/power


Telstra – Important Information:

Telstra encourages northern Queensland residents to be prepared so that can stay connected.

It’s important to think ahead. Staying connected in an emergency situation could be paramount to the safety of you and your loved ones.

Here are a few of Telstra’s tips on what you can do now that will make it easier to stay connected during a disaster. Try not to rely on any one of these things – make sure you have several options covered to stay connected.

Mobile phones

Alternative phone charger

If you haven’t already, purchase a phone charger that isn’t dependent on a power outlet. Solar power chargers, in-car chargers and power bank chargers are all reliable options. Make sure you charge your power bank.

Back up data

Back up important data, like contact information and photos, to your cloud.

Know your numbers

Compile a list of essential contact numbers to store in your phone and keep them close at hand, including local Police, Fire, SES, family, friends and Telstra’s fixed line fault line – 13 22 03.

Satellite phones

Satellite phones are usually immune to damaged infrastructure and can operate in remote locations. If communications are critical you could consider a satellite phone.

Fixed line phones

Have a spare battery

Remember, most modern cordless phones rely on electric power to operate, so you may lose the use of your landline during a power outage. Consider a phone with a battery backup function and keep spare batteries nearby.

For NBN customers

It’s important to remember if your home phone now works through the modem and there’s a power outage, your phone line will also be down.

It is best to have a mobile phone handy, or a satellite phone for those in remote areas.

nbn reminds residents and businesses in North Queensland that equipment connected over the nbn™ network will not work during a power blackout.

Even with network power resiliency and in-premises battery backup, power outages may last longer than the battery life. Therefore, nbn™ recommend you are always prepared to be without internet and telephone services for some time.

nbn recommends that you put together an emergency kit, which includes equipment that can be used in the event that there is a power outage, or your connection to the nbn™ network is disrupted (for example a charged mobile phone).

For more information visit http://www.nbnco.com.au/connect-home-or-business/information-for-home/what-happens-in-a-power-blackout/emergencies-and-outages.html

Keep a spare plug-in phone handy

Your cordless phone is great, but using a plug-in phone connects you to the telephone exchange.

Social Media

Virtual meeting place

Set up an instant messaging group with family and friends. Agree in advance to update each other here during an emergency.

Emergency apps

Download emergency service apps. They will give up to date warnings and incident information issued by official agencies across Australia.

Local information sources

Identify key local agency social media accounts and websites for real time information on what’s happening in your area.

Be alert

Subscribe to text and emails that will alert you to weather changes, road closures and local emergency services updates.

Know your emergency broadcaster

Have a battery powered radio with spare batteries to listen to the news

The Telstra Network

Telstra is also taking steps to protect network infrastructure where possible, and working closely with communities to ensure they remain connected.

“We have a range of portable base stations that could be deployed to provide temporary telecommunications during an emergency situation and our teams will be on the ground working hard to maintain services for our customers and restore communications in the event of an emergency.”

During an emergency, customers can monitor the Telstra Service Status site to help keep up to date on any network impacts and restoration activities.


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