Red Cross RediPlan

If you are elderly or have a disability and you haven’t prepared and made a plan, an emergency could disrupt your life in ways you don’t expect. Get prepared and you’ll be more confident, more in control and more likely to cope when disaster strikes.

RediPlan is a free disaster preparedness guide that will get you prepared for any emergency in four simple steps. RediPlan helps you:

  • learn about the risks you face and how they might affect you
  • make an emergency survival kit to help you through a disaster
  • take action now to protect the important things in life
  • create your personal emergency plan to help you when disaster strikes

Making a plan is easy! Use the Red Cross RediPlan guide shown below:

Check out these resources

Disaster safety for people with disabilities – Mobility, hearing, learning, or seeing disabilities can create specific needs that individuals need to address to be able to respond to an emergency.

The Diabetes Emergency Plan, available for download here, contains important information that will help you keep managing your diabetes during a natural disaster or emergency.

Disaster readiness guides for people with mobility, sensory or cognitive disabilities.

Emergency Preparedness for Seniors and the Disabled

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