• Clean up the yard.
  • Trim trees and over hanging branches.
  • Keep your roof in good condition and check it regularly.
  • Remove debris from gutters.
  • Check and fix loose fittings, such as railings.
  • Check windows and install shutters if possible.
  • Get to know your neighbours.
  • Hold a family meeting to prepare your household Emergency Plan so everyone knows what to do, where to meet, and how to get out.
  • Identify how and where to turn off the mains supply for water, power and gas.
  • Store poisons up high.

Getting your home prepared is easy! Use the Get Ready Queensland template shown below:

Find out how to pack items for storage properly here


  • Ensure your car insurance is current and that it covers your asset adequately.
  • When severe weather warnings are issued, park vehicles under cover, away from trees, power lines and waterways.
  • Ensure your car is fully fuelled.

Getting your car prepared is easy! Use the Get Ready Queensland template shown below:

Emergency driving tactics and tips


Maritime Safety Queensland recommends that mariners plan, prepare and follow advice when it comes to severe weather season.

  • Get a copy of the Extreme Weather Event Contingency Plan for your area and read it.
  • Explore your suggested shelter area or inlet before cyclone season starts.
  • Update your contact details with the authorities.
  • Organise options to move your boat if you will be away during severe weather season.
  • Keep a record of emergency telephone numbers handy – for example:
  • Know when and where your vessel needs to be during an evacuation.
  • Use suitable lines to secure your boat. Double up on mooring lines. Check they are in good condition and are the right size and length.
  • Secure loose articles below deck.
  • Secure all hatches.
  • Check your boat is watertight.
  • Reduce wind loading and remove furled sails and covers, bimini tops and any clears.
  • Check all bilge pumps work and that all self draining holes are clear.

You can view the Extreme Weather Event Contingency Plan for Townsville – 2016/2017 using the link below:

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