River height readings are issued by the Burdekin Shire Council Flood Reporting Centre for various points along the Burdekin River with the main point for the Lower Burdekin being the gauge at the Burdekin Bridge at Carstairs, Home Hill.

Advance warnings of flood flows are provided by river height readings from Clare, Millaroo, Dalbeg and various stations further upstream.

The following table shows significant heights at the Burdekin Bridge and their probable effects in the Ayr and Home Hill areas.

In all cases, river heights are given as depths of flow above a fixed point of the stream bed (which was some years ago).

Height at Burdekin Bridge in metresProbable Effect

6.00 to 7.00

Residents of Rita Island and Groper Creek should monitor heights


Water commences to come against Todd’s Break


Water commences to come in Warren’s Gully.
Water commences to come over bank into Plantation Creek


Water commences to come over banks at Tapiolas Break and McDowell’s and Ramsden’s on Home Hill side.
Also enters farms in Jarvisfield area.


Water breaks over the top of protective work at Todd’s holding up traffic on Rita Island Road at Jarvisfield School and on the Kilrie Road at Lando’s


Water commences to come over banks at Lago’s and Strano’s farms and move towards Home Hill town.


Major traffic disability with communications cut between Ayr-Home Hill and Home Hill-Bowen.
Definite threat to the lower business section of Home Hill and Down River, lower Jarvisfield and Rita Island farms.


Water commences to overflow into Sheepstation Creek, which eventually cuts Ayr-Clare Road and Townsville-Ayr Road.
At least half cane growing area flooded.
Communications thoroughly disrupted.


Disastrous flood level. Water in Home Hill business section and outskirts of Ayr town.


It is not possible to accurately predict the height that outbreak waters will reach at locations away from the river banks. The information contained in the Council’s Flood Reports relating to these effects, including predictions of effects at Rita Island and Groper Creek, are to provide guidance only.

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