Each Council must have a Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG). The LDMG is made up of Councillors, Executive Officers, Emergency Services (such as Police, Fire, SES and Health) and other key agencies. All agencies report to the LDMG which is chaired by the local Mayor. The Local Disaster Management Group is your official source of information before, during, and after disasters.


What the Local Disaster Management Group Does

The Burdekin LDMG makes decisions based on information from the Bureau of Meteorology’s weather predictions and advice from Emergency Services. Using this information the LDMG helps the community to prevent, prepare, respond and recover from disasters.

The spokesperson is the Chairperson of the LDMG. Read their warnings and alerts at www.facebook.com/BurdekinDCC 

Read the factsheet to learn about the stages of activation the LDMG go through, and what they mean for you

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