An easement is a legal right that enables Council to utilise an area of a person’s property for a defined purpose, e.g. water supply, sewerage, access or drainage.  The land remains the property of the owner, however, there will be restrictions on what activities can be undertaken on the easement itself.  Particulars of the restrictions are contained in an Easement Document (copies of which may be obtained from the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM)).

The restrictions usually state that the parcel of land must be kept free and open at all times, meaning that the land which is the subject of the easement, should be readily accessible in the event that maintenance or repairs are required.  The restrictions also usually state that no buildings are to be constructed on the easement.  Again, these restrictions depend on the covenants in the Easement Document.

For drainage easements, Council will provide the landowner with a supply of herbicide to control weeds. The supply is enough for to allow for one (1) spray of the easement per year. Requests for herbicide can be made to Council’s Customer Service Centre on 07 4783 9800.

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