Council issues permits for the erection of gates and grids primarily for the control of livestock on Council’s road network.  Council’s Subordinate Local Law 1.16 regulates the conditions and approvals pertaining to gates and grids.

A letter outlining the works that are required to take place is to be submitted to Council for approval.

Documents and materials that must accompany an application for an approval include:

  • A plan detailing the design of the proposed gate or grid, or gate and grid, including all dimensions, alignments and structural elements;
  • A plan identifying the location within the road of the proposed gate or grid, or gate and grid;
  • Particulars of all warning or similar signage proposed to be erected by the applicant.

For a detailed description of what is required, please refer to Subordinate  Local Law 1.16 Gates and Grids 2012

A full list of council’s local laws are now available on the Department of Local Government and Planning website:


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