The overall jurisdiction for main highways and three state roads within the Burdekin are the responsibility of Department of Main Roads and Transport (Northern District) with its main office situated in Townsville.

Through negotiation with the Department of Main Roads and Transport, Council is responsible for the maintenance of a number of Main Roads within the Burdekin Shire under the Road Maintenance Performance Contract (RMPC).

These roads are:

  • Bruce Highway (sections between Home Hill and Sandy Corner),
  • 85km of Dalbeg Road
  • 32Km of Kirknie Road
  • 54.1km of Ravenswood Road

In accordance with the contractual agreement, Council carries out works such as road, drainage, road furniture and vegetation maintenance on these roads and manages reimbursement of such works from the department on a monthly basis.

Council also tenders for minor works and capital works projects on declared roads by way of open tender and agreed price performance contracts.

Other Federal and State Government funded projects, such as Black Spots Projects, are negotiated annually with the Department of Main Roads for purpose of funding possible problem areas throughout the Shire. Other Transport and Main Roads funded programs for roads and infrustructure are managed by the Shire on behalf of the department with the aim to improving Council’s road and drainage network.

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