General Information:

An Application to Lay Pipes in Council’s Road Reservation is usually lodged by a farmer to lay a pipe across a Council Road to service a farm on the opposite side of the road from his pump.


  • The applicant should read the conditions on the application form first in case they unwilling to accept one of the conditions and decide not to lodge the application.
  • The applicant is required to complete, sign the Application Form and pay the required fee.
  • A site map is also required with the application, showing the location of the pipe in relation to their property boundary, an electrical pole (number required) or another fixed structure.  Distances are required to be marked on the map.  The pipe must be laid at a right angle to the road direction.  An application can not be lodged until a site map is provided.
  • A traffic management plan will be required prior to the commencement of any works on Council’s roads.
  • If the pipe is to be laid under a bitumen road, a restoration fee is required for repair to the road where it has been opened. A private works form is to be completed and an invoice for reinstatement will be sent to the applicant after the work is completed. Reinstatement is based on actual cost recovery plus 10%GST. A quote for reinstatement can be obtained beforehand.

Approval Advice:

The applicant will receive the signed form in the mail, and after receiving this approval will be able to commence works.

NOTE: If a farmer wants to run a pipe along the road, an officer from Council’s Design Office will need to speak to the applicant about the application.

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