General Information:

An Application to Lay Underground Electricity in Council’s Road Reserve is usually lodged when a new house is being built and the applicant needs to get electricity from the pole to their property. Applications are usually lodged by an electrician.

Sometimes, an application may also need to be made by a farmer requiring to get electricity to a new pump.

All electricity cables are to be inspected once they have been laid (while the trench is still opened) to ensure all conditions have been complied with. An applicant is to give at least 24 hours notice to arrange an inspection.

Underground electricity isn’t to go under or along a road and is only to travel a short distance. If an applicant wants to cross a road with electricity, they are required to go through Ergon and arrange overhead power. If the applicant wants to travel a distance along a road, they are to put the cable inside their own property (or make arrangements with the property owner – possibly private easement) and only go on Council land from the property boundary to the pole.

If an applicant requires something over and above the normal application, an officer from the Design Office will speak to them about their options.


  • Applicant fills out the application form.
  • It is recommended that the applicant read the conditions first in case they don’t agree with one and decide not to put in the application.
  • The applicant is to indicate on the map provided (a) or (b) and provide measurements if these don’t apply.
  • The applicant signs the form and pays relevant fee.

Approval Advice:

The applicant will receive the signed form in the mail and after receiving this approval, can commence works.

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