Burdekin Shire Council accepts a range of agricultural plastics at no cost when delivered to the Home Hill Transfer Station.

Agricultural plastics such as fluming, plastic drums (not used for fertilizer), plastic film such as pallet wrap and cotton bale wrap, commercial bread and milk crates, poly and HDPE pipe are all accepted.  Council does not accept fertiliser bags as part of Agricultural plastics recycling.  Please see the fertiliser bag recycling link for further information on recycling of this product.

AMDETT Services and Plastic Recycling collects the plastics for recycling.

What products are the plastics turned into?

  • The trickle tape is made into thicker plastic sheets, commonly used in the grain industry as heavy duty covers to protect stockpiles of grain.
  • The HDPE recycled product is made into outdoor eco furniture such as plastic park benches, eco timber used as decking and plastic bollards in the marine industry.

Fluming and trickle tape can end up in the landfill, illegally disposed of or burnt. Collection and recycling of these items will divert waste from landfill and reduce environmental harm caused by burning or illegal dumping.

All excessive residual plant material and dirt must be removed. Contaminants and foreign materials within the load will not be accepted.

We are asking all users of the service to adhere the Transfer Station operators unloading instructions.

Home Hill Transfer Station is located at 80 Bojack Road, Home Hill and is open 10am-5pm everyday.

Please ring Council’s Customer Service Centre on (07) 4783 9800 for further information.

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