What is E-Waste

E-waste is another name for electronic waste. Some of these E-Waste materials listed below can be taken to the Ayr, Home Hill and Giru Waste Transfer Stations free of charge. Many of these materials contain metals and components which are not suitable to place into landfill. Recyling the materials will prevent the contaminants going to landfill.

E-waste is collected and recycled as part of the National Product Stewardship Program

E-Waste accepted includes:


Plasma televisions

Cathode Ray Tube  (CRT) televisions

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) televisions

Rear Projection televisions

Computer Equipment

portable processing machines – ie laptops, notebooks & palm computers

desktops/central processing units (CPUs)

Computer monitors


Muliti function devices that print, copy, scan and/or fax

cards, motherboards

web cameras

compact disk drives

digital video disk drives

hard drives

floppy drives

mouse and trackball



joysticks and gamepads

electrical transformers designed to be housed in same cabinet as the CPU

Recycling cartridges

Burdekin Shire Council has two receptacles in the foyer at the council chambers at 145 Young Street, Ayr for Shire residents to dispose of used ink and printing cartridges.

These cartridges are then sent for recycling.


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