Commercial premises have options in relation to their waste collection with a choice of mobile garbage bins provided by Council or industrial bins provided by a private waste company.

One of the most important things for commercial premises to remember is the more waste they can separate out for recycling the larger the savings they can make.    

Mobile garbage bins

Operators of commercial premises can contact Council if they would like to commence a new waste service or make an alteration to their current  service. Recycling and general 240L bins are available.

Please note however that if you are not the owner of the property Council will require written authorisation from the rated owner of the property.

Should an owner not agree with the additional service or charges Council may still be able to provide the extra waste service under an agreement (via debtors etc) for the tenants of the building. The tenants would then be responsible for all charges for the extra waste service.

For more information please contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 07 4783 9800.

Industrial bins

Council does not provide or empty industrial bins in the Burdekin Shire.  This service is provided by private waste contractors.


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