Click on the following link for information on Waste Water (Sewage) treatment plants.

As part of the sewerage network, Council operates a number of sewerage pump stations, 31 in Ayr, seven in Brandon and 11 in Home Hill.  Each pump station has a duty and standby pump to meet operational requirements and minimize possibility of sewage overflow.

It is not acceptable to flush foreign objects into the sewerage system via toilets or manholes.  Items such as clothing, disposable nappies, rags etc. cause pump blockages and major damage to pump station installations and compromise network integrity.

Residents may have a sewerage manhole inside their property.  From time to time Council requires access to the sewerage manhole for maintenance purposes. Areas surrounding the manhole should be kept clean and clear of any obstructions which would hinder access by Council employees or contractors. Where-ever possible, Council notifies the owner/occupier in advance of works required to be undertaken.

It is an offence for residents to drain any stormwater from their property into sewerage manholes or the sewerage system.

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