If you wish to fill a swimming pool with water from a nearby fire hydrant you must contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on (07) 4783 9800 to arrange the hire of a metered standpipe and pay for the amount of water required. Council will issue a metered standpipe which is fitted with a special Backflow Prevention Device (Pool owners cannot use their own standpipe) to connect to the fire hydrant.

Make sure you know exactly how many litres of water you require. The hire of the standpipe and cost of water needs to be paid up front and Council does not issue a refund if you overestimate the quantity of water required.

Fees are as follows (2018/19):

Supply of Metered Hydrant Stand Pipe

The following fees (inclusive of GST) are for filling swimming pools and other approved uses:

  • During normal working hours (7.00am to 4.00pm) – $205.00
  •   Plus: Purchase Bulk Water:
    • For each 1,000 litres (or part thereof) – $2.30
  •  Additional daily charge for metered standpipe used for periods exceeding one day – $20.00

Note: You may fill the pool simply with a hose from the property’s water meter but it is much quicker going through a metered fire hydrant.  Another alternative is to hire a contractor to transport water from one of the three water filling stations in Ayr, Home Hill and Brandon, and fill the pool directly (fees still apply for the purchase of water).

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