There are a number of different brands of water meter in use throughout the Burdekin Shire, however, you are able to read them all in the same way. The display panel on your water meter has both black and white figures. The black on white figures represent your consumption in kilolitres. When reading your consumption for billing purposes, Council only reads the black figures:-

Example water meter reading

The white on red figures measure parts of kilolitres. They are useful to assess the amount of water used over a short period of time, for example, if you are checking for water leaks or when testing the meter.

The white on red digits show your consumption in litres or thousandths of kilolitres, e.g. in this case 3746.285kl or 3,746,285 litres.

Note: All metric water meters show kilolitres in black on white and parts of kilolitres in white on red.

If you water meter is of a type that you cannot understand please contact us for assistance. Council water meters are read twice per year for water billing purposes.

Overnight Leakage Test

If you read your water meter last thing at night and then first thing in the morning you can calculate how much water is being lost through leakage. Remember not to use any water during the night.

Example of two different readings

Subtract the previous nights reading from the morning reading.

3746.310 – 3746.215 = 0.095kl or 95 litres.

This gives the volume of water ‘lost’ overnight.

If you lose more than one (1) litre per hour, you should check for dripping taps, faulty toilet cisterns or other forms of leakage. Any more than 10 litres lost per hour is very significant and should definitely be investigated.  Remember you are charged for every drop of water used.

Businesses can do the same thing over the weekend if no one is using the premises.

What to do with leaks

If the leak is within your property boundary it is your responsibility and you should contact a licensed plumber.  If however, the leak is at your meter, in a footpath or roadway, it is the Council’s responsibility to repair. 

Residents can report Water Leaks by contacting Council on (07) 4783 9800 – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please help our meter readers

Most of our customers are very considerate and we would like to thank them for their co-operation. However, it is each property owner’s responsibility to ensure that the water meter is kept visible and accessible at all times. Please keep the following points in mind:

Keep the Water Meter Clear

  • Cut back shrubs and grass around the water meter
  • Don’t bury the water meter
  • Don’t cement around the water meter

Fences and Gates

  • Meters are usually installed inside the property and reasonable access is required by water meter reading staff.

We like dogs

  • but occasionally they decide they want to have a taste of our employees. Please ensure that aggressive dogs are kept under control.

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