Drinking water and sewerage service providers are required by the Queensland Department of Energy and Water Supply to prepare an annual report on key performance indicators (KPIs) (PDF, 1.9MB) — a ‘performance report’.

Purpose of performance reports

The KPIs are designed to monitor and benchmark performance on common industry metrics including:

  • water security
  • capacity to ensure continuity of supply
  • affordability
  • financial sustainability
  • industry and workforce capability
  • quality of service provided to customers.

Content of performance reports

The performance report will:

  • be about the service provider’s performance against the KPIs stated in the notice from the regulator
  • include the data for each KPI in the format stated in the notice
  • for the customer service standard KPIs, detail the target levels of service set in a customer service standard
  • include, if applicable,
    • a summary of any findings or recommendations in a performance audit report for the financial year
    • a report on the implementation of an improvement plan
    • a report about any actions the service provider took because of a regulator direction.

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