Council undertakes a water sampling service for Shire residents who are not connected to town water and may rely on rainwater or borewater for their household water supply.

Tests are carried out for residents who may be worried about the suitability of the water for human consumption.

The cost of the water testing can be found in Council’s Fees and Charges.

Recently Council has acquired a microbiological water testing unit and can do only microbial water testing in house.

The cost of microbial testing only can be found in Council’s Fees and Charges.

Please note Council’s Officer will come on site to take the water sample as they have to sterilise the water tap and collect the sample in a sterile sample container.


After the Officer takes the sample it is sent away for microbiological and chemical analysis testing and when the results are received a letter and information sheets will be forwarded to the customer. Microbiological tests take approximately 1 week to get results back but the chemical analysis results take approximately 1 month to come back.


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