Burdekin Shire Council and its customers have rights and responsibilities associated with the provision and use of water and wastewater services. These include:

  • Council has the right to interrupt, postpone or limit the supply of services in situations when:
    • infrastructure is damaged or requires inspection, maintenance, repair or replacement;
    • in the event of drought or as part of a demand management strategy;
    • in the event of fire, flood, cyclone, power shortage or other emergencies.
  • Council has the authority to ask customers to correct faults in their plumbing, remove trees, structures and vegetation that impede access to and operation of essential infrastructure and contribute to the cost of works undertaken by Council.
  • We always try to make contact with property owners before entering private property however Council employees and representatives have the right to enter private property to read water meters, inspect and carry out maintenance/repairs to Council infrastructure, in emergency situations or to carry out investigations if a breach of legislation is suspected.
  • Council employees and representatives are required to carry and show customers a current indentification tag. Access to residential properties can only occur between 7.30am and 6.00pm except in an emergency, or if a breach of legislation is suspected.
  • Customers must inform Council employees of any hazards that may be encountered when entering their property such as dogs, construction work etc.
  • Council is responsible for maintaining the water service from the water main up to and including the water meter for normal wear and tear. The property owner/occupier is responsible for the cost of repairs, carried out by Council, of any damage other than normal wear and tear, caused to the water meter and associated pipe work. Any fault in the water service including the meter should be reported to Council’s Customer Service Centre on (07) 4783 9800 – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The occupier/owner of any premises is responsible for maintaining water supply pipes within the property. Any maintenance required is to be carried out by a Licensed Plumber at the owner’s cost.
  • Wastewater and trade waste customers are responsible for maintaining all plumbing and fixtures to the point where they connect with Council’s infrastructure.
  • Most of our customers are very considerate and we would like to thank them for their co-operation. Please remember, it is each property owner’s responsibility to ensure that the water meter is kept visible and accessible at all times. Please keep the following points in mind: Keep the Meter Clear
    • Cut back shrubs and grass around the meter
    • Don’t bury the meter
    • Don’t cement around the meter

    This will allow our employees to respond quickly and efficiently to problems you may be encountering with your water supply.

    Fences and Gates

    • Meters are usually installed inside the property and reasonable access is required by meter reading staff.

    We like dogs

    • but occasionally they decide they want to have a taste of our employees. Please ensure that aggressive dogs are kept under control.

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