Ayr Showgrounds Master Plan

The Ayr Showgrounds Master Plan was commissioned by Burdekin Shire Council to identify the opportunities and constraints of Ayr Showgrounds and to improve the function and long-term sustainability of the site. The plan is intended to guide the use of the showgrounds and leverage the benefits of a coordinated approach to facility management, development and, most importantly, activation.

Council at its meeting held on Tuesday 13 November 2018 adopted, in principle, the following recommendations in relation to the Ayr Showgrounds Master Plan noting that the recommendations in the plan are intended as a guide and do not represent an automatic commitment from the Council to fund proposed improvements, works or upgrades. Council also noted that the implementation of recommendations 4, 5 and 6 will require further discussions with the Ayr Pastoral, Agricultural and Industrial Association Inc.

  1. Endorse the Ayr Showgrounds Master Plan as a planning tool to guide further detailed planning for the staged development of the Ayr Showgrounds.
  2. Actively pursue external funding for the implementation of the master plan, subject to sufficient community demand.
  3. Implement the facility developments and upgrades recommended in the master plan as resources, external funding opportunities and user group investments permit.
  4. Re-introduce a Council supported management body to oversee the ongoing management of the Ayr Showgrounds. This group should:
    (a)  Assist in the delivery of the identified improvements to the site and the longer-term capital works.
    (b) Work with Council and key community groups in strategizing and promoting new and existing user groups initiatives for the site.
    (c)  Meet on a regular basis and report progress to Council.
    (d)  Manage bookings for the grounds and buildings and maintain the facilities and equipment on the site as necessary.
    (e)  Arrange and attend one annual meeting involving Burdekin Shire Council staff and representatives of each lessee/user group to review the site’s master plan and to address the overall operation of the site.
  5. Provide ongoing technology, marketing and governance support for the managing body, with links to local and regional tourism organisations and plans, including sport and recreation plans.
  6. Develop a revitalisation and market strategy for the annual show and new events and activities at the showgrounds.

You can download the Ayr Showgrounds Master Plan using the link below:

Have your say: Ayr Showgrounds Draft Master Plan

The Ayr Showgrounds Master Plan was commissioned by Burdekin Shire Council to engage with user groups and the community and to inform a vision for the site ensuring the potential of the area can be met.

The Burdekin Show has operated from Ayr Showgrounds for over 100 years, with the inaugural show held in 1909. The age of the showgrounds and its infrastructure has resulted in low current usage rates.

Ayr Showgrounds has the capacity to be improved and revitalised whilst also strengthening the cultural identity of Ayr. This master plan is intended to guide the future development of the site, based on feedback from the local community.

The master plan proposes a design and staged implementation of works to address the ageing infrastructure. As Council acknowledges the importance of diversifying the uses on the site, the master plan supports new events and uses for the site.

The master plan provides an opportunity for user groups, Council and external funding agencies to work together to better provide for the community. Diligent maintenance and quality management and governance systems will ensure the showgrounds can be reactivated to become a valued community hub.

To view the draft Master Plan please use the link below:

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Ayr Showgrounds Master Plan

Ayr Showgrounds Master Plan


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